This website and its contents are an expression of religious values and freedom of religion. The site is non for profit. This website and its content are protected under the First Amendment of the United States. It will use two everyday items to form a connection to the reader for meditation purposes and a deep root connection to inner values and knowledge. It is to inspire faith in self and aid in connecting to all that is. 


In the old days, today affectionately known as “the baby boomer era” we are aware of the iconic onion analogy.

Some state universities in teaching self-disclosure used the onion as part of the curriculum.   People are like onions, they have layers. A person’s layers correspond to all the information about them ranging from the most obvious to the most personal.

The millennial era today, is focused on a “oneness with the planet” and all is one. Millennials think of onions on a hamburger with the beef patty no longer containing beef and companies emerging to replace beef if a look-alike and taste alike vegetable alternative.

So then,  what is like layers to the millennial if the onion no longer plays a role, in their meditation?

The answer to this is today appearing on the walls inside coffee shops.  Large scale global coffee shop chains have joined in too. Today the coffee shop chains are displaying pictures of the coffee bean, broken open on the wall showing the 5 different layers of a coffee bean.




Coffee has so many layers.  What else has layers?

The famous vegetables are beans and peas and Sprouts.  Most commonly known Sprouts, are Brussel Sprouts, it also has layers.

An emerging connection for the millennials is “people are like coffee, they have layers” A Brussel Sprout has layers too.

Meditate on that, when you have a coffee. This will lead to gaining a connection to the planet, and the Earth these coffee trees and vegetables are grown in.  A connection, to the soil and Earth itself from a simple item such as a coffee or a Brussel Sprout. Whatever your method of prayer or meditation, with this visualization, on something so iconic as a coffee bean or a Sprout, you can now bring meditation into you’re daily life.  In fact a Spout in, and of itself is a great daily connection. For example everything “Sprouts”, from an idea or thought, even new companies.


Let’s look too at vegetables vs fruit.  We will look beyond the outside, and layers to “the inner” to continue the Spiritual meditation.

Theory in the spiritual world is to “seek the inner”, nutritional values of the vegetable vs the outer values of ripe fruit. Both grow in a garden, and the world can be considered a garden.  What you fertilize in your day, creates a  “currency” of thoughts. Ideas Sprout and grow into the manifestation of the thought.  The fruit we will use on this website coffee, the second largest traded commodity in the world. The vegetable is Sprouts, in particular a Brussel Sprout.  United States is the top importer of the small vegetable  Brussel Sprouts, an import value of 223.95M.  We are using commonly know vegetables associated with trade and money. The common perception is money, buys you happiness. We will look at this through a different lens creating a spiritual view.

Over the course of this web sites 6-month project, the web site through the use of fruit and veggies will lead you to see all your issues in the world are not as big a problem as you “think” and often as tiny as a coffee bean or Brussel Sprouts.  Actor, Jim Carey started the church of Freedom From Concern, based on freedom of regular thinking.  The idea of this website is to create symbolism, break away from conventional. A small coffee bean and small Brussel Sprouts as symbols you will come to realize, manifesting the desired outcome of a button in your life, is no more difficult than manifesting a new car or whatever your dream. The issue that blocks the manifestation of the seemingly larger price ticket item of a car, is not more than the thought of it being harder and more difficult.   Your thoughts are powerful and become things, the thought can create things, with as much as they can block the manifestation. Thoughts are the currency to all creation.

If positive thoughts are a currency – where is the money being lost?  

In the shrink!  What is Shrink? It is in the waste. The thoughts and actions that do not serve the purpose.  Has to go somewhere, it goes to waste the shrink. Very soon dreams you are trying to fule through positive thought, fly away and at a cost, you lost fuel and opportunity money went into shrink. With three million in thoughts every day it is easy to not even notice two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand faded away into shrink, your eye is on the three million. The purpose of this web site is to look at the whole and observe everything, recover the currency of dreams you are loosing to shrink. The more thought creation currency you miss spend, the higher the total of Shrink.


Brussel Sprouts VS Coffee Farm Fresh Organic Coffee Coast to Coast.

The coffee bean is often incorrectly identified as a vegetable. Coffee is a cherry, specifically the pip of a cherry fund inside. Let’s first look at the basics and nutritional value of the veggie Brussel Sprouts.


The key nutritional elements of the Brussel sprout are:

Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus. Vitamin C 142% of daily requirements. Vitamin K 147% of daily requirement.


Now let us look at coffee on the inside. 

Coffee too has,  Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B2, B5,  C.

The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is a stimulant and the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world.

Caffeine works in your brain by blocking the effects of an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine.

By blocking the inhibitory effects of adenosine, caffeine actually increases neuronal firing in the brain and the release of other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. For more information on the potential benefits of coffee for brain health, check out this article

Coffee is also a potent inhibitor of absorption. Coffee drinkers thus may need to take more vitamins.

What if you join SPROUTS with COFFEE  “Sprouts Coffee”.

The spiritual takeaway on this,  sprouts has the vitamin C and the vitamin K, coffee serves brain function. To much coffee may lead to inhibit absorption of vitamins. If you work the two together you may create a balance.  The same applies to life.

In the next month, we will go beyond the started discussion on this page into the symbolism of the small fruit and vegetable to compare it with your life circumstances, the idea is to create a visual of coffee, and Brussel sprouts and link it to circumstances.