Unique Science, Unique and Smooth Coffee

Sprouts Farmers market is now serving made to order organic espresso, coffee, and latte’s.  Using healthy Magnetized Earth Water, brings out the flavor,  removes water contanimants and creates a smooth Coffee.

The application of quantum science and using light and magnetics to Magnetized water and use it for  coffee was first done in Los Angeles by IMC Coffee shop in 2013.   Magnetized earth water is a trade secret of Best Roast Coffee, Llc a coast to coast coffee chain and leader in innovation of coffee science and taste.

The magnetized water in parts of the world is also known as the ‘Wonder Water’. It’s been proven to be beneficial especially for health of patients having serious ailments and disorders. Magnetized water is more penetrating and wetter, which results in better assimilation of vitamins and nutrients. It also unclogs the veins of deposits of cholesterol and fats.  It has been found very effective in alleviating all together, cold, coughs, bronchitis and all types of fever. It is also reported as a ‘push-up’ for tiredness in daily routine making someone one who drinks magnetized feel energized. Hence using the magnetized earth water enhances the benefits and purpose of drinking coffee altogether.

At Our best roast coffee locations we water is being magnetized before the coffee machine. There is an installed water tank under every espresso machine. The water tank feeds magnetized earth water to the ice machine and drip coffee machine as well. A magnetic polarization effect is being created in the water resembling that of the earths magnetic north and South Pole.

What happens when you magnetized water? From a science perspective, the structure of the water at a molecular level is having its molecules ‘re-ordered’ back to the original Earth  state, they where prior to treatment and travel it was exposed to in order to get to the tap. Magnetization process restores the natural order, state, and flavor of water.  Many prestigious universities have been aligned with our magnetized water product in USA and in London,  world top 5 university UCL.  At Best roast Coffee we are also the members of USA coffee industry National Coffee Association (NCAA) who have spent more than 6 million dollars regarding Coffee scientific research. With a comprehensive Scientific Affairs Program, the NCAA deploys highly specialized resources to keep on top of worldwide scientific research on coffee, caffeine and health. The NCAA has been the USA industry authority since 1919 and delivers unique access, insights and analysis to support the well-being of the USA Coffee industry as does Best Roast Coffee.

Contrary to popular belief nowadays that every coffee bean is being contaminated in the crops, Best Roast Coffee only uses the USDA Organic Coffee. The secret to out taste and health lies in magnetized water and fast roasting methods.

Healthy Farm Fresh 20 Day Organic Coffee, Sprouts all around the world. Best Roast Coffee – It’s bigger than you think!