Organic Latte


Carbon Free – USDA Organic – Fair For Life Trade

Everyone is loving the organic trend,  and this is for a good reason. There are many benefits to making the switch to organic. Market Corner Coffee inside Sprouts Farmers has stepped away from traditional drum gass roasting. We Air roast using more sophiscitade modern methods that reduce green house ommisions and gas into the enviroment by over 70%, compared with traditional drum roast. The same benefits that you would get from using organic produce, can be seen in switching to organic coffee.  If the average person drinks 3.5 cups a day, drinking organic cofee is 3 cups x 365 per year.A person may not be able to entirly eliminate the bad stuff from their diet, however every time you drink our coffee, you have benefitted from the health benefits and things NOT pressent in our Organic coffee. So now, it is time to enjoy the benefits of having that nice cup of organic espresson or latte. Lattes are a popular choice because you get that extra kick from the expresso that it is added to the organic milk to make a Latte.

If you are not a coffee lover, you can still enjoy tea’s and flavored lattes. You can also choose organic teas as a base for your latte, which can also offer health benefits. A popular choice is a chai tea latte.


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