Shade grown, Fair Trade, Market.

Coffee  Shade grown Sprouts slower because sun is not providing as much solar energy to support it’s growth.  Traditionally coffee crops are planted in sunny open fields. Fields are made by cutting down forests to plant coffee trees.

Shade growing incorporates principles of natural ecology to promote natural ecological relationships, shade-grown coffee can be considered an offshoot of agricultural permaculture or agro-forestry. Our coffee is low acid, Shade Grown Organic, Fair Trade, Rain forest friendly.

A coffee bean will mature allot slower in the shade. The longer time spent maturing, natural sugars increase and  ultimately enhance the flavor of the coffee. Naturally grown under the shade of trees in a rainforest means, a better coffee bean, and a better world. An alarming amount of natural wildlife habitats are making way for the modern day coffee plantation.

A word  in the world  gaining exposure in modern times is, pesticides.  We spray them on fruits and veggies to prevent loss of crop from predators, but at what expense to the health of the consumer?  If you decide to make some kind of  effort to cut back on pesticides from your diet, though choices you make when purchasing fruit and veggies, it would seem a logical progression  to stop consuming three cups of  NON organic coffee a day. Make the  switch to full organic coffee and milk means less pesticides overall.  The average American consumes three cups of coffee a day. Over time, three cups a day multiplied by  365 days a year adds up to allot of what  is in the coffee you are drinking.  That is  why we have sourced  “Best Roast Coffee” to provide  as the name suggest’s – The Best Farm Fresh Organic Roast Coffee.  And that is all you get. At our locations we  use a 13 stage energy and water process to create Magnetized Earth Water.  This keep the coffee as free from water contaminants as possible,  right to the end consumer. So when it gets put into your hands you have only,  The Best Roast Coffee. Look for us in Farmers Markets and locations all around USA.